What can you do for my business?

I offer services in various creative mediums such as web, digital, print, and video. My web development services include website design and development, responsive design for mobile devices, and search engine optimization. My design services range from small print pieces (like business cards, brochures, and flyers) to large vector designs (logos, billboards, posters, and banners). As far as video … I’ve done it all … commercials for web or TV, documentary-style story videos, custom motion graphics and effects, and even capturing footage of events for highlight reels or to simply archive.

How much does a website cost?

This is a great question but I believe there are more important things to iron out before we even start talking discussing fees.  I like to start by asking these questions first:

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What functions or interactivity would you like to have on the site?
  • Are you selling something or are you simply advertising your services or brand?
  • Do you already have a website with a domain and hosting that we will be redesigning?

Once I have answers to these questions, I’ll have a good understanding of the scope of your project and I can determine what type of investment it’s going to take on my end to make it happen for you.

Do you offer any discounts?

I believe my rates are very competitive and do not offer discounts often. However, I will bundle services to save money when it fits your need. Some clients may also need my design services on a more regular basis … if that’s you, I am open to negotiate monthly retainer packages. These packages allow you to purchase design time at an adjusted service rate and you may use the purchased time whenever you’d like for a new business card design, a new brochure, website updates, etc.

How does the design process work?

The web design process always begins with your goals. I’ll listen intently to your needs and ask lots of questions to develop a vision of what your finished product will look like. Then I’ll get to work. Usually I will “stage” your site on my server so you can watch as the site progresses. This is helpful for clients who are having an existing site redesigned since this method will not interrupt any traffic to their current site. Content is critical at this point in the process. I will work with you to ensure that I have everything I need to complete each page. Once I’m finished, we’ll view the entire site together before we migrate the files to your server.

The branding, logo, and graphic design process is very similar. I will find out what your needs are and what it is that sets you apart from your competition… then I hit the drawing board. Most of the time you will get basic sketches or even screenshots via email for approval. Once a design is approved, things begin to take shape. If it’s a brand or logo, you’ll receive multiple versions of your finished piece in different formats for web and print. If it’s a print piece, your artwork will be delivered to you ready to be sent to the printer.

Do you actually do the printing?

I handle the design, color management, and file preparation of your artwork. I do have connections with local printers in my area who handle a wide variety of formats. If you need assistance getting your stuff printed, I’m more than happy to get those prices quoted and include the actual print cost to my project proposal. I can send the artwork straight to my printers and handle your project from start to finish if you’d like!

What is your design turnaround time?

Websites typically take 30-45 days from start to finish. The turnaround time hinges on clear communication and prompt delivery of assets and content. Sometimes sites can be turned around in as little as 2 weeks!

Branding, logos, and print materials can be turned around quickly. Mock-ups are typically delivered within 72 hours. You’ll receive sketches and screenshots via email to review and adjust. The process continues until the design is complete and the files are delivered. All-in-all this process should take less than 2 weeks.

How do you handle payments?

Most projects require a 50% deposit up front and the remaining 50% upon completion. Payment must be made in full before items are sent to print or published to the web. For larger projects I have negotiated a 33.3%, 33.3%, 33.3% payment structure.

Checks payable to Wes Feldner are preferred but Visa, Master Card, and Discover are accepted along with a 3% convenience fee.


Let’s grab a coffee and chat about your business to see how I can help.